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Who We Are

Post-harvest solutions provider

5th Harvest Ltd is a post-harvest solutions provider in Nigeria’s thriving agriculture sector. Our solutions will include agro-commodities procurement services, storage and specialist handling services (cleaning, drying, sorting & grading, weighing & standardizing, quality testing – aflatoxin & moisture testing), Collateral management & Warehouse Receipt finance (in conjunction with our finance partners). We seek to address some of the sector challenges such as food losses and stakeholder illiquidity and contribute to the development and strengthening of the value chains of key crops.   We are targeting the value chains of both staple crops and cash crops.The focus crops for our services are Grains (Sorghum, Rice, Maize) and Oilseeds/Treenuts (Sheanuts, Soybeans, Groundnuts, Sesame, Cashew).

What We Do

Re-imagining the commodity value chain


5th Harvest focuses on the after-harvest processing of grains and seed crops. Current crop picks include shea nuts, maize and millet. special Value Chain Development of key Grains, Oilseeds and Treenuts.


5Th Harvest designed, constructed and currently operates a light processing plant for Shea Nuts, the first if its kind in Nigeria. The overall aim is to maintain the overall nut/butter quality and delivery from farmlands to end users.

Value Chain

We are a bridge between farm land and end users. 5th Harvest optimizes the value chain of any crops it deals in by development managerial control of inputs and harvest as well as eventual marketing of the target crops.

  • Shea nut value range

    Shea nut

  • Shea nut value range

    Shea cream & oil

  • Shea nut value range

    Shea butter


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